Sound is the medicine of the future!


Harmonic Resonance Sound Medicine & Sonic Massage is Here to Serve Through the Power of Sound.

Whether you are dealing with the symptoms of a debilitating health condition or simply needing to unwind, the technology of sound can do wonders to improve the quality of your life.

Sound is the medicine of the future, and the future is NOW!

Sound can be used to bring your mind, body and energy back into a state of resonance. The expression “of sound mind and body” may well have originated from this ancient knowledge.

How does it work?

Everything is in a state of vibration. Disease is said to be a distortion in your energy field, or a vibration that is out-of-harmony. Sound therapy is the practice of harnessing the particular sound which is necessary to clear the present distortion, thus bringing the body, mind and energetic field back into its proper resonance. The session induces a very low brain wave state, which creates a coherence between the central nervous system and the mind. This in turn supports the body in bringing itself back to a state of health.

Amongst the many benefits of sound therapy are increased energy, improved mood, reduction of stress/anxiety, improved sleep quality, pain relief/management, deep relaxation/deep-state meditation, and aligning your energy body (chakras).