Sound therapy assists with all of the following, and more:

•     Increases Energy Levels
•     Provides Deep Relaxation
•     Relieves Stress
•     Reduces Physical Pain
•     Alleviates Depression
•     Calms Emotions
•     Improves Mental Clarity
•     Creates Deep Meditation
•     Expands Consciousness
•     Enhances Health & Vitality
•     Builds Immune System
•     Balances Brain Hemispheres
•     Awakens Intuitive Abilities

Hear what the masters of sound healing have to say about the effects of sound therapy on the human body:

Jonathan Goldman ( states

“The results of Overtoning can be quite astounding. Since sound can rearrange molecular structure, it is quite possible for seemingly miraculous things to occur; vertebrae align, muscles relax, chronic pains disappear, traumas and blockages are released.”

“Since sound can potentially rearrange molecular structure, the possible healing applications of sound are limitless. Stories exist of terminal or incurable diseases that have been instantaneously healed through sound.”

According to the Casa de Maria Research Center, the benefits of sound therapy also include reduced stress, aid in sleeping, deeper states of meditation, a balance of the energy system, reduction of pain and depression, a clearer mind, and a sense of restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Pioneer of sound therapy Dr. Alfred Tomatis , considers sound a nutrient for the body’s nervous system. A respected leader and innovator in the field of sound, Tomatis believes the first function of the ear is to “govern” growth in utero. After birth, Tomatis says food feeds us cellularly, where sound feeds us neurologically by delivering the electrical impulses that charge the neocortex.


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