Sound Medicine

Focuses on alleviating the symptoms of a specific health concern. From sleep issues and headaches to serious auto-immune disorders and even cancer, clients have reported significant relief from just one session.

Sonic Massage

Focuses on creating a state of deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system, helping to relieve the anxiety of everyday life and to bring the body back into balance. The result is a spa-like experience akin to the “after-glow” feeling of receiving a great massage.

I’m offering both “Sound Medicine” and “Sonic Massage” sessions at the following rates:*

$165 for 60 minutes
$225 for 90 minutes

Sessions take place at my home office in Boulder, or in the comfort of your own home (travel fee may apply, please inquire for details).

Please Visit the Contact Page for more information or to Book Your Session Now!

*Please Note: A 24-Hour Cancellation Policy applies to all scheduled appointments*



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