Here are some of the reported effects of a typical session:

“The Sound Medicine session was better than physical therapy. It was better than my doctors, as far as repairing pain and relieving headaches. It was just an awesome experience. I have total relaxation, and that I haven’t had in 10 years. I have MS and it’s severe, and I feel awesome. Thank you. You’re a wonder. I’ll be back!     (Ott B.)

“I had a brief Sound Medicine session with Gerit at a time when I was very traumatized and had barely eaten or slept for over two days due to symptoms of my cancer.  To my amazement, my headache disappeared and I relaxed so deeply that I fell asleep.  When I awoke I was energized and refreshed.  It was nothing short of miraculous.”     (Carla H.)

“Gerit is an amazing conduit of healing energy through the medium of sound. The Sonic Massage was very enjoyable!”     (TJ F.)

“Gerit’s Sonic Massage session helps to deepen an inner tranquility and peacefulness. I felt finely-tuned, relaxed and deeply peaceful.”     (Keone K.)

“Gerit’s Sonic Massage session was very healing. I have suffered from severe back pain due to a car accident 10 years ago, and during our session I felt my pain surprisingly completely go away! Also Gerit’s presence and the environment he created enabled me to get more in touch with my calm and centered “Higher-Self.” I Loved it!! ”     (Marci W.)

“I had two Sound Medicine sessions while in the late stages of my pregnancy and they were really helpful with alleviating not only the anxiety of pending childbirth, but the fatigue and heaviness I was experiencing in my body. During the sessions I felt light as a feather which was such a welcome relief. I ended each session feeling centered and confident for what was to come. It may sound strange but this method of healing is incredibly powerful. I wish everyone would do this… what a harmonious society we might have!” (Nicole W.)

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